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Marinha Passagem is a property with approximately 8 acres surrounded by channels of the Ria de Aveiro with the city on the horizon.

Is deployed in a 16th century port onde used by Portuguese caravels carrying pottery for many different parts of the world.

Once a saline and fish culture ponds, recently remodeled, offers now a tourist and and gastronomic experience dedicated to yhe aquaculture of oysters, clams and salicornia.


Oysters by OstrAveiro reach from Netherlands and France with a size of 2 milimeters and are placed in a nursery where they stay in stage until 3 months, reaching the juvenile stage. On that moment happens the process of unfolding and sorting of sizes.

Oysters growing process takes up to 3 years until the cycle is complete, however, due the hight nutrient content of the Ria de Aveiro, at the end of 1 year they reach an adult size and can be commercialized.


The aquaculture of clams is also an attraction in the Marinha Passagem. Clams are placed in seed in the bottom of the Marinha Passagem and grow naturally to the taste of the tides, reaching a high quality becoming a delicacy for the connoisseurs or curious.

It is also possible to experience the distinct flavor of the much appreciated Salicornia. It has not been left in the backgound in this magnificent and attractive place, where this plant finds a space for itself.


In the Marinha Passagem inhabit several species, like Sea Bass, Golden Bream, Eel, Sole, and Mullet. These live naturally, from their entrance into the Marinha Passagem, to their growth and reproduction, all that happens without human intervention.