A Ria de Aveiro


The Ria has become the heart of Aveiro. It identifies the city by giving it light and life, permanently influencing local traditions. In Aveiro, everything revolves around these 47 kilometers of water parallel to the sea. As a silver mirror, the Ria reflects the color of the moliceiro boats and the Art Nouveau houses, turning Aveiro into a charming and unique city.

The Ria of Aveiro was formed in the 16th century, when the shoreline moved back, creating sandpits along eleven thousand hectares that formed a lagoon. Today, it is a true network of channels and islands, which gave Aveiro the nickname of “Portuguese Venice”. Its waters are home to a vast variety of species, such as lamprey, mussel, eel or clam, stork, heron, and some birds of prey or mammals, such as genet and otter. Due to its exceptional richness, the Ria is now classified as a protected area.

Source: www.centerofportugal.com/pt/a-ria-de-aveiro (free translation)